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“Long live the wool pad!” We hear that quite often from our loyal customers but it’s worth noting that foam pad technology has progressively increased over the past couple years. If you’re a big fan of the wool buffing pad don’t click away just yet – the wool pad still has its place in RV polishing! A foam pad from Buff & Shine and Lake Country Manufacturing is a much better choice than a wool pad for light to moderate oxidation, surface staining and general polishing and waxing. Foam pads are less abrasive and easier to clean compared to the conventional wool pad. What’s more, foam pads are easier to work with and won’t give your arms and shoulders as much of a work out. Both Buff & Shine and Lake Country Manufacturing offers foam pads in various sizes and configurations, ranging from compounding pads to waxing pads. If you have an RV that’s been sitting outside untouched for 10 years and is duller than a piece of printer paper, the wool pad is still the best choice. Lucky for you, we carry wool and foam pads in every size imaginable. If you need help selecting a pad for your project, give us a call – we have product support specialists standing by.