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McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator

McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator
The first step in preserving the performance and appearance of your RV’s tires

McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator is a heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser that safely removes browning, silicone tire dressings, dirt, oil, and road grime from RV tires. Cleaning the tires on your RV is one of the most important steps in proper RV care because it removes unsightly browning, a common issue that plagues most RVs. Use Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator to clean exterior plastic trim before applying a protectant. The acid-free formula is safe for you and the environment.

Keeping your RV’s tires healthy doesn’t have to be a laborious, ongoing task. Proper RV tire care is simple, and it starts with McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator.

Not all tire cleaners are created equal, and McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator is proof. First and foremost, stop cleaning your RV’s tires with caustic all purpose cleaners! These high-octane, inexpensive cleaners actually do more harm than good. The cleaners are formulated to meet a certain price point, and in order to achieve that inexpensive price point, caustic ingredients are often found in these products. Worst of all, these caustic detergents are harmful to you AND your tires!

The tires found on your RV contain antiozonants, rubber conditioners, and UV absorbers that help keep the tires flexible. The wrong cleaner will actually cause the antiozonants, rubber conditioners, and UV absorbers to leach out of the tire, resulting in browning, discoloration and cracking of the tire. McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator is non-caustic, non-acidic, and it will not harm your tires!

McKee's RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator removes unsightly browning without drying out you RV's tires. Simply spray on and allow to dwell for a couple minutes, then scrub with our long handle tire brush. Rinse the tire thoroughly and you're finished! Protect the tire by applying a thin coat of McKee's RV UV50 Tire Clean & Protect. This step is arguably the most important because it replenishes any lost rubber conditioners the tire may have lost from normal wear and tear.

32 oz.

Made in USA

McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator
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McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator$19.99
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