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Mildew Remover Kit

Mildew Remover Kit
Remove mildew and prevent it from coming back - for good!

McKee's 37 Marine & RV Mildew Remover Kit contains two products designed specifically to REMOVE mold and mildew and to PREVENT it from coming back! Mildew Remover is a powerful, acid-free cleaner that destroys all traces of mold and mildew on vinyl seat cushions, rubber bumpers, and virtually any other surface on or in your boat that's plagued by mold and mildew. Then, protect the material using Mildew Protectant Spray. This clear polymer coating forms a blanket of protection that resists mold and mildew growth. The included brush and microfiber towels make it a breeze to use each product.

Mildew Remover

The Mildew Remover Kit includes:

Mildew Remover

McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Mildew Remover is the fast, safe way to remove stubborn mildew from your boat or RV. This eco-friendly formula annihilates mildew with a few pumps of the trigger! McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Mildew Remover is loaded with state-of-the-art cleaners instead of volatile chemicals so it’s safe for use on virtually any surface including vinyl, gel coat, fiberglass, canopies, rubber fenders, grout, showers, countertops, sinks, and more!

Mildew Protectant Spray

McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Mildew Protectant Spray keeps your vinyl surfaces free from mildew. This unique formula blankets the surface with an advanced polymer coating, forming a shield of protection that prohibits mold and mildew growth. McKee’s 37 Mildew Protectant Spray is ideal for use on vinyl seat cushions, rubber bumpers, and other outdoor vinyl surfaces.

Mildew Cleaning Brush

This Mildew has the perfect bristles for coaxing stubborn dirt and grime out of the nooks and crannies of your boat or RV’s plastic and vinyl surfaces. The broad face of the brush covers more ground than other brushes making your cleaning experience more efficient. The Mildew Cleaning Brush is perfect when paired with McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Mildew Remover.

3 x Premium Blue Microfiber Towels

Premium Blue Microfiber Towels are the perfect workhorse for your towel collection. Yes they’re "premium," but these towels are up for any task! Each towel is composed of an 80% polyester, 20% polyamide microfiber blend, offering the perfect balance of absorbency and cleaning power. Premium Blue Microfiber Towels are perfect for any cleaning job in or around your boat or RV!

Microfiber Applicator

This highly versatile Microfiber Applicator is ideal for applying McKee's 37 Marine & RV Mildew Protectant Spray. This luxurious applicator features soft foam wrapped in low-nap 80% polyester, 20% polyamide microfiber making it ideal for use on delicate surfaces.

Kit includes:
22 oz. Mildew Remover
22 oz. Mildew Protectant Spray
Mildew Cleaning Brush
3 x Premium Blue Microfiber Towels
Microfiber Applicator

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